Our volunteers have a wide range of expertise and can assist in getting those in need the right support.

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With local, regional and national connections, HCAC volunteers helps individuals and families get the treatment they need.

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HCAC educates the community with events and programs related to the support, treatment and prevention of addiction.

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Prevention is a key element in the fight against addiction.

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The mission of the Hancock County Addiction Coalition (HCAC) is to Support, Treat, Educate and Prevent (S.T.E.P.) in our communities.


Since 1993


Founded in 2016 under the leadership of Ada Bair of Memorial Hospital, the Hancock County Addiction Coalition started out as the Hancock County Opioid Task Force.  It was a group of concerned individuals from across Hancock County that wanted to do something about opioid addiction in our local community.  As the group progressed, they realized that they should be focused not only on Opioids, but all substance abuse and addictions. On March 20, 2019, the group officially announced it would be changing its name to the Hancock County Addiction Coalition.  Along with the name change, the coalition revised and adopted a new mission statement that aligns with new name.

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Next Steps...

If you need help or want to help, contact HCAC at 573-240-0404 or email us at